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why the audio service is not running in windows 7? how can I retify it? because of this I am not able play any audio. Answered




4 years ago

Before you try a bunch of other things do this :

Go into the device manager and under the sound devices uninstall everything that is there. Then restart the computer. It will find all the sound devices as new hardware and set them all back to the default settings. Usually this fixes the problem.

i asked a question simaler to this a while ago and my soulution would be to buy one of those 5 buck usb sound cards and that MIGHT fix it

He should troubleshoot the problem first. If all settings are fine and a driver update doesn't fix the issue then the sound card may be dead. In which case a USB audio device works great for a laptop and a new sound card works great for a full PC.

thanks for making a better version of mine i just am not that good at wording things good else they end up being a novel...

Audio problems can be frustrating, but attack it logically. Look for the simple things first. Your speakers are plugged in. Your speakers are powered up. Your speakers volume isn't down all the way. You don't have some kind of headphone plugged in and cant hear the speakers because of headphones. You checked the speaker ICON on your screen to see if the MUTE is activated. If so, un mute it.

Does the computer make ANY sound at all like the "fanfare" sound when you boot up? If YES, then that means the soundcard is working and speakers are working, but maybe a SETTING is set wrong. If the computer never makes any kind of sounds at all during boot up, I would suspect speaker wiring or sound card fail.

One time I watched a video or something on youtube, and it caused my computer to switch to an unused unknown soundcard. I had to go to the hardware settings and put a checkmark on the PROPER soundcard that I used to make it the DEFAULT soundcard setting. Then had to go into hardware settings and remove the unused non-existent sound card. Be careful. If you delete something you need, you will have big problems, or multiple problems instead of just ONE.

For sound to work, many ducks must be in a row. If one little duck is out of place, you will have NO SOUND. For example one of the simple things... like your speakers volume is turned down all the way... then you go mucking around deleting sound cards or changing settings gives you 2 problems now!!! So check every simple thing you can first before doing anything drastic. Try rebooting the computer for example. maybe the settings will restore during reboot.