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why was my instructables entry for the epilog contest not accepted? Answered


Depends witch Instructables you entered... No 1 priority, It has to have a slightest bit of green in it... When I say green I mean recycling, saving power..... That is probably the reason... Or it is out of date, if you posted it before the contest started....

I posted last week. It is all made from recycled materials. It saves electricity by running two components with one motor instead of two. It is titled fan and pump combo. Thanks for your help.

The Instructable wasn't entered in the contest because it wasn't clear what the green aspect was since that aspect was buried in the text and there was nothing to explain how much energy savings there would be. I've looked at it again and entered it, however, so you should see it in there now.

Are we allowed to republish an instructable to the contest, or does it have to be new?

If that was teh case everyone would republish their old ones... :P

Thank you, I will try and keep that in mind next time. It is my first instructable and I plan on more latter and will take more pictures during the build and try and improve my descriptions. Thanks for the help.

Thank you my question was answered and my instructables is now in the contest. Thank you for your help.

No problem, glad to help! If you liked my answer you can reward it with the best answer award! :D