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why when AFTER playing a game on my pc does everything run FASTER ? Answered

why when AFTER playing a game on my pc does everything run FASTER ?



7 years ago

I'm not quite clear on your question; if your question is concerning the speed of programs that run faster after you close the game than they did while the game was loaded, the answer is obvious. PC games are major resource hogs, shut the game down and those resources are then freed up for other operational tasks.
If you mean the other programs run faster after the game is shut down, I'd say it is a perception rather than an actual occurrence. They just seem to run faster.

NO!! they run faster after I shut the game down!!!!!!!!!!

Your computer probably has several reasons for this:

As other suggest, your computer CACHES (pronounced cash-es) recently used items so they are more quickly accessed. Many system files are kept in active memory, or their locations are cached so less lookups are required to reload various files or resources.

Games require a much attention from the computer as possible, so its possible they may UNLOAD as much unnecessary crap as possible. Background services eat up memory that isn't really needed -- so it may perform tasks like memory defragmentation, etc.

Many powerful computers these days potentially draw a huge amount of juice- - and to fit with today's 'green' standards, they use various power saving techniques involving shutting down portions of the cpu/hard drive/peripherals, or even to the extent of running them slower at lower voltages to draw less power when they're not being used. Most people don't need an uuber behemoth cpu to do mundane tasks, so their cpu idles as low as 5-10% of its potential speed. After being in a demanding graphical game, the cpu and gpu will still be at their maximum potential (until the algorythm slows everything down based on demand). The next little while after the game should seem blazing fast if the computer usually idles much lower.

because you are not dong as much things on the PC that require speed and graphics and stuff when you are playing the game

It may reconfigure system-resources such as memory allocations, what mode the graphics are running in. If the game reconfigures for best performance it may last afterwards.

Otherwise playing the game may be the first thing you do, in which case its slower before because it's not finished "starting-up"