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why won't my picaxe 18m2 project board work? Answered

hi there.
So i connected a servo to output 4, joined the 0v lines, had the two power sources, downloaded the sample code etc. Nothing happened.
I tested the system using the LED test from the picaxe manual and that was fine.
I must have tried to work the servo off the project board twenty times, until I removed the 18m2, placed it on a solderless breadboard, plugged the servo into the board, joined it all together with jumpers and as soon as I connected power the servo started preforming the code I downloaded while the 18m2 was still in the project board.
So why won't it work connected to the project board? I've tried using another output and a resistor on the signal line.
 If anyone has experience of working servos off a picaxe project board I'd appreciate a step by step walkthrough. As usual its probably something simple. thanks.


You need to connect the servo DIRECTLY to the 18m2 NOT via the darlington buffer - There is a DIL resistor pack to replace the Darlington.

This is the normal issue.


CCT connections - DIL pack supplies the 330 ohm resistor.

Although I am reluctant to turn away "customers"

The Picaxe Forum is a MUCH better place to ask these questions. More experts there.


problem solved. I removed the darlington altogether and put a 330 resistor across the pins leading to the output I was using and away it went so thanks for your help. Next I need to find out how to slow it down, does that involve pwm values etc. I'm figureing this out as I go, I've no previous experience in electronics

You COULD connect it via the buffer, if you added a pullup on the buffer pin to the supply.

Well did you get it working.

We are paid by encouragement here you know!!!!

Hi rick. I haven't got around to testing your suggestion yet, but I asked the same question on the picaxe forum and it seems your suggestion is sound, I'll try it out as soon as I can. I need to find out how to get a 6 week old baby to sleep first, but I'll let you know if it works very soon. thanks