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why would my jeep cherokee tell me my driver's door is open when it clearly is not? Answered

All of the sudden when i close my driver's door is doesn't "register" with the computer as closed.  The door visibly is closed - but the car acts like it is open?  It dings and shows on the display that the door is open - but it isn't.  I can manually lock the door - but the power l/w do not work?  We have had some unseasonably cold weather could that be causing it?


how do I bypass the door sensor on a 2000 Grand Jeep Cherokee Laredo

There are a lot of issues with the jeep door wiring. Check for loose, or broken wires at the door hinge point where the wire passes through the boot from the car to the door.

mine is doing the same thing interior lights do go out but sensor is showing door ajar. Driving the wife unit nuts. I think it still could be the door switch but havent tried changing it out as yet.

I'm guessing something wrong with the sensor that gets pushed in when the door closes.  Look for it on the body of the vehical ( the space where the door closes in to.    try and push the little button/plunger thing in and see if it stops telling you that the door is open.   If this is the case.  Maybe go check out a thin strong magnet and place it on the door where the button pushes against it.    

If that wasn't the problem, possibly see if you can get to the back of the sensor.  make sure it is attached firmly. if it is  then remove the plug and stick a wire from one side to the other (where the button used to plug in to) and see if it sense that the door is closed.    if that works, install a new button/pllunger

If the problem continues, you'd have to figure out where the wires go, etc etc.  thats when you deside to  either find yourself a wiring diagram, take it to a back yard mechanic or take it to the dealership.  hope this helps

I am looking. Is it possible the plunger has broken off? I dont see where it may have been, but there is clearly nothing there for me to push in.

it is quite possible it has broken off, but I would assume they put them in a spot that is not susceptible to getting hit much, but it is possible so you might be looking for just a hole. It would be safe to say as well that it may use some sort of sensor I have never seen before. Ones that I have seen before (not specifically on a Jeep, but on vehicles i have ever bothered to look at) are about the side of about a push pin. I would say that if you open your door and look at the frame where the door closes on to, it would be either around the hinges of the door, or around the bottom rear corner.

After a quick search on the internet for "Jeep Cherokee door sensor" I found this post in a forum. Your sensor could be situated inside the door latch mechanism would could warrant a trip to your local mechanic for replacement. here is the link


Hope this helps

Sticking door switch, or loose wiring harness connection somewhere between that switch and the dashboard/module, would be the most likely causes. If you've got some moisture inside the door, it's _possible_ the switch has simply frozen... or it could be pure coincidence that it's happening at this time.