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wich material or substance shoud i use to mold and make Panpipe Answered


sorry for my poor english...

i want to mold and make panflute like this one: click

i'v already made it from wood and molded it with silicon. now, the problem is, since this panflute has contact with lip and mouth, so it shoud be made of a hygienic material wich is harmless for health.

this material shoud also have an acoustic mod, like wood or bamboo to some degree.

so please tell me wich resin, epoxy or materials shoud  use?




6 years ago


thanks for responding,

yes, you are right. actually the bamboo one is the best but this just an idea and i want make it if Possible.

so is there any hygienic casting material with good acoustic mod?

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Well, lots of instruments are made of brass, so you could make the pan flute with brass tubing and just cap the ends (with brass caps) and solder the pieces together. It should work just as well as bamboo, but will have a different sound. I have never heard one made of brass, so it's hard to say how different it will sound, but I'm sure its worth trying! (Brass is also better to use than copper because it won't oxidize as quickly).

Why cast it when you can just make it out of PVC pipe or copper pipe?

The Pan Flute is generally made from wood, such as bamboo. When it is finished with a varnish (or resin), it will be easier to clean (and keep hygienic). I don't think its a good idea to make the instrument from a cast material because it probably won't have the same sound. As long as you coat the wood (or bamboo) with varnish, you shouldn't have any problems. You can also add extra layers of varnish to the mouth end of the flute if you are really concerned.

I hope that helps. If you have any questions, just reply. ;)