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wifi receiver/repeater?? Answered

hi everyone, i looked at the instructable of the wokfi antenna and the site of where it all started on that topic ( http://www.usbwifi.orcon.net.nz/ ).

i found a free wifi access in my area, i got 1 pc (ethernet card+ usb wifi dongle), one laptop (wifi), a nintendo wii (wifi) and an old pc (233mhz, ethernet card) also a spare ethernet pci card and a pcmcia wifi not in the laptop, laying around .

here's what i would like to do to have internet for free:
- get the signal from the free wifi access point to the 233 mhz pc
- use that pc as a firewall
- then send the signal thru the ethernet cable and with another wifi (the pcmcia in the pc with a pcmcia to pci adapter or another usb wifi dongle, witch ever is cheaper) because my laptop can't reach the free wifi access point, it's to far..

i'm looking for help on this please, i'll do an instructable with it because i think it could also be usefull to other. that whole idea of free wifi to anyone could be used here. because, let's say in a block, dorm, appartment a far away wifi connection could be shared localy. i've been digging for an intense 2 days now but my knowledge about networks and english (my first language is french) aren't that good so if anybody got an idea where to start looking it would be very appreciated.


I live in the middle of no where. I leave my wireless connection unsecure because its mostly cottage country where I live. I really don't mind visiting cottagers accessing my internet. I know what its like to be without internet, and there is more then enough to go around... I mean...they do some banking or check there E-mail....the idea of a cottage is to be outside. Its people like you that make me want to secure it. its one thing borrowing a signal from someone, its even not so bad to have one or 2 hard up people leaching off of you.... its a totally different thing when some douchebag starts funneling your internet for his own little network and all his buddies, bogging down your connection because he's to damn cheap to pay for it. I have to pay for my connection, if your fortunate enough to pick up my signal, and your strapped for cash... go for it, use my connection. but be gratful for the connection and leave it at that. if I find out there are guys like you funneling my signal for your own little club..... then the party is over.... and a non-brodcasting secure signal will follow. be grateful, be thankful..... but if you take advantage, then people will get less nice and forced into securing there connection

as stated in the description it's a free wifi access.... not a stealed wifi access. i agree with your point, you're right. but i talked with the person who own this access, it's alright with him. it's a condo area and he did it for everyone. plus, when you name your access point "free wifi", i think it's abvious.

".... not a stealed wifi access" you mean stolen

Novielo: You can do it the way you described but it may be a bit more tricky to do. An easier way to do it would be have: Laptop A with WIFI and LAN network card A cheepy router (this will provide your firewall and in home DHCP and routing a Linksys or DLink would with wireless G would work) Have laptop A loaded with Windows XP. (this seemed to be the easiest to work with windows 2000 is harder). Have Laptop A's wireless connected to "borrowed" Internet Have Laptop A's network connection plugged into the 'INTERNET / WAN' port of the router On Laptop A share the internet connection of the wireless when you do this it will give the LAN network connection an ip address of On the router configure the IP of the ISP or WAN to be STATIC The IP you put in should be subnet of and gateway of Of course then you need to secure your WIFI on the router to be encrypted and such so people can't hack into your other computers. Hope this helps!

that's a very good idea I keep the router idea but I would like to also transmit wifi local because the nintendo can't receive the wifi connection. so one wifi device would be to send/receive far way and the other share internet connection "localy"

When you put an additional router you are re-transmitting the signal. So if WIFI A reaches to your deck but not your living room, after this setup you'd be transmitting WIFI B around your house including your living room

A ----------------------------------------LaptopA/WIFI B
A distance limit

B distance limit (entire line)

and if you need to, off of Router B you can put network cables off of that to have devices hard wired.

So your nintendo would be getting WIFI off of Wireless Router B since A does not reach your living room.