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will a 12v 23A battery be enough to make nichrome wire glow? Answered

hello, i am going to try to make a smoke grenade and have determined tat glycerin released into permanganate by pull pin trigger is not stable enough to use so i am thinking of using a peice of nichrome resistance wire and a 12v 23A (model number not 23 amps), as the disposable electricity source to make the nichrome wire glow red hot which will ignite match head powder which will ignite the smoke powder.

i want to know though, considering that this wire burns up straight away with a 9v battery shorting it, will a 12v 23A mini battery have enough power to get the wire glowing ? if not, are there any fast discharging batteries that are the same size or smaller i could use?
ill post the exact specs of the resistance wire as soon as i find them, but for now all i can say is that its about as thin as hair.



8 years ago

The 23A battery is essentially 8 watch batteries in series. It would be a poor choice for an electrical ignition system, since it is not capable of providing much current. A lower voltage battery with higher current capability would be better.


Answer 8 years ago

i just went and bought myself a 140ma 3v lithium polymer battery off ebay, to see if it would work as it is apparently capable of unloading huge amounts of power if given the chance, which is what nichrome will do.

however it is still more expensive than i would like to pay for.

to my knowledge, the only battery that would work is a sub-c, and it borderlines what i will tolerate, size wise, however, there still must be some batteries that discharge really fast like lithiumpolymers?
i need names, not hypothetical batteries.

currently i have wasted $10 in testing batteries that i though may work, but it was a waste.
i dont want to waste any more money


Answer 8 years ago

I'll tell you why things won't work, but I'm not inclined to help you build a detonator circuit small enough to fit in an easily concealed bomb. You other questions could have you experimenting with fireworks, but this search for high-power small batteries is more troubling. Fireworks initiators use substantial batteries (24V of lead acid gell cells) at the end of long wires, with the fiddly-sensitive initiator (ematch) at the other end, will to go off with an 'all fire' current of 100mA or so.

the nichrome wire I use is 33 gauge, and when hooked to a 12v 7.2 AH battery it instantly gets red hot and burns up. This might work for your application, but I would suggest a lower voltage. a 9v battery would do the trick, and I personally use the 6.2 volts provided by my R/C car remote detonator, found here:


a 12v 23a battery is a small 2-3cm battery for car remotes and stuff
23A is the model number, not the amperage or capacity, it has other model numbers like em34 or lpeg5 and other random alpha-numeric combinations.

how would you think i could fit a huge 23amp battery in a handheld smoke grenade?

i wanted to know, if the low amperage of the 12v battery would be enough to burn the nichrome wire

here is an image of the kind of battery i am talking about, for reference, its the size of 3-4 stacked button cell batteries