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will a beach ball leak when filled with helium? Answered

hi, i am making a weather balloon and as a cheaper alternative to proper weather-balloon balloons I would like to use a beach ball. my only questions are whether it will leak, and if there is anything else I should know about filling things with helium?



Best Answer 9 years ago

Also keep in mind, despite osmosis-leaking, weather balloons are only inflated 1/4-1/2 full-capacity. As they go thousands of meters into the atmosphere, the pressure drops, and the balloon will need a LOT of room to expand. A vinyl/pvc beach ball would explode before it got too high. Stick to the weather balloon :D

Helium molecules are so small they will eventually leak thru glass. as in the case of radio/TV vacuum tubes. Granted it takes a long long time but it does happen.

. If you are talking about the childrens beach toys, they leak no matter what you put in them.

It's too true. They always end up covered in duct tape and patches, or worse, in the garbage.

The answer is yes, it will leak. But it probably won't deflate that soon. BUT... Beach balls are a much heavier material than a weather balloon and you simply won't get the altitude you require. Im not exactly sure it will fly at all.