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will an ac appliance run on dc without an inverter? Answered

I look at all the DC windmill and solar panel projects on the net and I was wondering if an AC appliance (lamps, blenders, microwaves, refrigerators, etc) will run on DC current. Answers? Opinions? Further Questions?



8 years ago

some products like drills and hand mixers can run on dc power . because they use what is known as a universal motor. so if you`re supplying 120 volts dc they will run. if all you`re giving them is 12 volts you`re still gonna need to use the inverter to ramp it up too 120v or make a transformer. cheaper to use the inverter.

Mostly, no. However there are DC products available for a lot of stuff. Also, stuff running off DC adapters will run off their proper voltage (this seems like a "thank you captain obvious" point, but you'd be surprised how many people fail to notice) and a lot of electronics with internal DC adapters can be modded to run off DC by feeding them what they'd otherwise get from the DC adapter inside them. Also, inverters are getting pretty cheap these days.