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will graphite pencils hurt a microecosytem ? Answered

and if it does i want to know how and why it's
becuase i want to know sometimes in life we got to consiter what could happen in the future in case it happens
please show your source its okay if you do not know where its from just let us know please include references that can be search& researched please take it easy on the comments i have not asked a question in a long time on this site



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What is in a pencil? What is it made of? What is graphite?
Does it include an eraser? Is it painted or just stained?
Are the shavings from a pencil sharpener considered to be toxic? If someone sticks you with a pencil, or you do it yourself, and it leaves a black graphite mark in your skin is it safe to leave it there and if so for how long? How long will it stay in your skin?
All questions for you to research.

First of all this seams like your trying to get others to provide the answers for a school project. Do some research yourself and then come back with any questions you may have on parts you don't understand.

Before you can start your research you need to further define the parameters of the question. What kind of micro-ecosystem are we talking about? The makeup of the ecosystem will need to be know in order for you to figure out what, if any, effects a new substance would have on it. Also the amount of that substance and how it's introduced into the ecosystem will also determine the effects. Tossing a pencil on the ground isn't going to effect a Soil micro-ecosystems much. But grinding the graphite into dust and mixing it into the dirt will certainly have an effect. But then you'll have to explore the way any micro organisms found in that soil may react to the graphite.

well acording to one my science teacher its just like with fertilizers can hurt a mini ecosytem, ps its cuase i forget for a long time