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will it effect your laptop in a storm if your using internet???? Answered

if you are on your laptop and it is not pluged in but you have wifi and it is pluged in, apart from not being able to use the internet, will it effect your laptop???? 


Your laptop will not suffer any problems if you are running your computer on its battery and you are using wifi. However the same thing could not be said for your modem and wireless router. The safest thing is to unplug all electronics until the storm ends. A strike of lightning is so catastrophic that no human invention can stop its power. If your home electrical panel has a lightning arrestor you might be in luck.

With no wires plugged into the laptop you'll be fine. If you use a good surge protector you'll be good to go as well.

Yep, but make sure you have a sufficient surge protector on any cable connection, i.e. LAN, power, telephone...

There is a remote possiblity if you stand outside with the laptop that it would attract a lightning bolt or you could be inside and be in the trajectory of some Mythbusters experiment gone wrong.