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will my acer aspire 5251 laptop computer run call of duty black ops.? Answered

i antcall of duty black ops but i have a wii version that is bad to many glitches i want the pc verson but someone suggest this check your pc to see if this will work so will it run on my computer.


I very highly doubt it.

im sorry but i could easily doubt it.
i had an acer once, and it was hardly capable of low range graphics requiring games, like trackmania or need for speed.

it was also an aspire, the 5670, but nonetheless the same lineup.

i do have to disagree with willard though, while it may not be capable of black ops, there may be some entertaining games you could run on it, unless black ops was the only one.

The Acer looks inadequate, I seriously doubt that the game would play without being "glitchy" also.


If this is your laptop, then probably not. The mobile Radeon HD4250 is not very powerful at all.  While it meets the 256mb video ram requirement, it doesn't meet the other requirements.  Also, at 2.2ghz, I doubt the processor could keep up  with the games' demands.