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will this evaporate? Answered

i am turning a bic lighter into a zippo. i used heet for fuel but that evaporated to quick. if i used tiki torch stuff would it evaporate fast to? it needs to be sucked to the wick.



It might disappear quite quick, that's why all petrol lighters have caps of some description... It would go for two or three days at a guess...

You'll find that zippos have about a week shelf life when being used. About two weeks if they aren't opened at all, also If you leave one closed and set it somewhere cold for a while the fuel condenses in the top of the lid and lights when you light the lighter it looks cool.

that's why my early morning smoke breaks result in a flaming zippo lid. thank you!

I know, it's always fun to light the cigarette from the flame in the lid, people just look at you and go 'what, how but'

if you're turning it to a zippo, then use zippo fluid

You should have said "Then no, it won't evaporate" =)

Are you going to post an Instructable?

Should do the job, Your problem may not be evaporation, from what you say you only have a single hole in the lighter, You need a filler hole because the wick really needs to worm it's way through the wadding to get good absorption. By the way nice one on the Bic, I thought about that but I want to have my own custom capped lighter made by me, hell if I get in a really good mood I'll not even cheat on the cap mechanism, even though it's not laziness so much as not wasting time...

all those fuels evaporate fast. for the most part, with liquid fuels, its the vapour,not the actual liquid, that burns. eg: gasoline. watch a video of it burning. its very easy to see.

With a regular "flint" lighter, one with a wick, it is the liquid burning however, or it too would evaporate quickly. Lighter fluid, the kind for "lighters" not for charcoal, doesn't evaporate very quickly, but it does burn well, and so once the "hot spark" from the flint sets it aflame, the wick draws more fluid up from the chamber, just like a Kerosene lamp, or candle works.

yes. especially if its warm out

Just use lighter fluid or smokeless BBQ lighter fluid, it needs to be a well refined fuel or the lighter sets off smoke alarms, once when my dad an I couldn't find a lighter and his was empty we decided the best bet would be easy buffer as it was mostly simple solvents, later on back at home he set the smoke alarms off due to unburnt hydrocarbons. The fuel chamber needs to be pretty well sealed apart from the wick hole which should be a good fit with the wick, I'm working on posting a DIY zippo lighter and a gas one, the gas one is actually alot simpler in terms of components as it can be done with piezo igniter, that will cover everything down to a flint pusher. If you just want a test spark then you can dip the wick in rubbing alcohol or even spray aftershave on it, it burns clean aswell but you'll forever have a strang taste on the first draw of a cigarette lit by it until you change the wick. I have spare wicks for Zippos but don't cahnge that one, the smell/taste reminds me of better times.

it should evaporate. assuming you have a wick, it climbs the wick by capillary action and evaporates from the tip.