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will this work for a cell phone solar charge? Answered

i came up with this idea after looking at a lot of instructables on solar cell phone chargers all using a usb port and thought that having a 12v port would be a more flexible charging device for more than just a usb type device.I got the idea after looking at this schematic http://i27.tinypic.com/n4xq4x.jpg and thought  that lithium ion battery would be a better idea (lighter weight and more powerful)than AA batteries I'm planning on using three 3.7 Li-ion Nokia cell phone batteries wired in series in conjunction with a 12v solar cell ,a blocking diode, battery pack  then a cigarette lighter receptacle  to plug a car phone charger into see attached illustration 


it'll work, but you REALLY want to be careful about over/under charging. Look up lithium protection circuit, and you should be golden -- when lithiums fail they fail spectacularly.

My only other concern would be that 3series lithiums will be poorly balanced -- if they start with one having more charge, by the time the others catch up, that one is overcharged. It can cause quite the problem with firey explosions.

you got the point but if we charge them seperately and adding regulatotr and diodes diodes for paralell and series connection

but if you charge them separately, you waste most of the 12v from the panel.