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window gels? Answered

does anyone know how to make those clingy gels to decorate your windows? I would love to have some shaped like my Simpsons cookie cutter. Thanks


Why not just use Jello, for temp use anyways. Mix it up extra thick and add a drop or two of some preservative (grape seed oil, wintergreen oil, formaldehyde, etc).

Westfw has a good idea, but instead of elmers, use weldbond, it dries clear, and you can lift prints.

You can get the clear vinyl at any craft shop. I have seen kits too that include markers too.

I was thinking of those thick ones that look like finger jell-o, and I live on an island in Alaska so not too many craft stores about, but thanks for the help anyway.

There are assorted kits for making these; essentially you lay down colored elmer's glue on a non-stick template, and it hardens to a somewhat flexible "sticker" that will stay on a window. Klutz sells one and has "extra supplies" too. Places like "discount school supplies" sell the glue stuff in bulk (although their black doesn't have the viscosity needed to make outlines work well. Sigh.)