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earlier today i received a comment pertaining to my instructable that made me change my perspective on this entire tournament. until now, i only really entered my idea because i wanted to win; however, after reading that i was able to, even minutely, impact somebody's life, i realized that i should post my ideas because i want to help others and make them happy. you all may get comments and just think of them as another comment, but that is not me. this comment i received has actually changed my way of viewing certain things (as odd and peculiar as this may sound). now dont get me wrong, i would still really love to win this competition -- only now its not solely for the prize, but in knowing that if i win, that i know my instructable was good enough to have impacted enough people to allow me to win. if anybody here agrees at all with what i am saying, please follow up with a comment. thank you all and best of luck. jon


I still get a thrill whenever anyone replicates anything I post. It's far better than a prize. The contests are to just to prompt people to post their Instructables; the benefit is seeing how it impacts others.

I still get a thrill whenever anyone replicates anything I post. It's far better than a prize.

I agree 145.32% :)

yes, i agree fully. i've had two comments now with pictures and it is so gratifying that i am forced to make other instructables

The pictures are really the best- this just gave me a super-cheesy grin for hours. I knew about the class, but seeing the pictures really did it.

Damn, and the most positive comment I've ever gotten was 'whatever makes a turd'...


11 years ago

So glad you had such a great experience with your project! Very nice work--I'm inspired to make it myself.

Here... I'll share one of my more embarrassing moments :P

While at orientation for my school, I was asked what part of my university's creed meant to me. Part of it reads:
Creativity I will use my talents to enrich the human experience.
And my response was something like
I will try my best to use my skills to benefit others in the entire world.

The reaction to that was muffled laughter. Okay, so "entire" might have been over the top for an incoming freshman. But, shoot for the stars and perhaps you'll reach the moon (or something to that effect) :)

So, I'm not there yet - but when that idea comes by, I want an audience and I want one that will listen and disseminate.

And as I said in another post, it makes me really happy to hear that someone else tried an idea or tried one of my recipes (even if they didn't like it in the end) or modify something or even take a comment and run with it.

The contest venue provides motivation. Perhaps you have an idea, but you just aren't motivated to document it. I mean, to someone, it could be a really great thing. These things just get your butt moving. All that said, instructables always one-ups themselves (really, how do you guys do it and where do you go from here?)


11 years ago

perhaps it would not surprise you that this is the reason we made Instructables in the first place! the instructables staff is far more motivated by the idea of inspiring thousands of creative people to share their ideas, educating and improving the world around them than we are by the possible 'prizes' of venture funding or whatnot. i myself am most happy and inspired when i see worldchanging solutions here, such as the low cost windmills, peanut shellers and such that can make huge improvements to the lives of those living in the developing world. but even the most simple projects make a big difference by encouraging a better lifestyle than consumerism. the enjoyment you receive from something you make yourself, and the time it took to make it and the time you will keep it around will usually far exceed any commercial item.


11 years ago

teh w00tage! Lol. I love me some instructables!

amen brotha! helping people is what its all about!