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wire a antenna to open or close? Answered

wire a car antenna to open or close using a digital timer and 12 volt battery charged by solar panel.  The antenna opens with +/- and closes with reverse power -/+.



6 years ago

So to read your mind I can not but you will need a 12 volt double pole
Double Throw relay.  Again reading your mind not,  I hope the antenna
of your choice has built in limit switches to prevent said antenna from
over extending or over closing too small into a singularity ( black hole ).

Antenna motors draw some current that your solar panel may not be
able to provide and lead acid batteries are barely 50% efficient.

Give more info get more back. . . . . . . . . . .A


Was this what U wanted ???

Thanks, this looks like what I want. I will use timer to control the length of time the antenna needs to fully open or close. Is that what I ask for to purchase the "12 volt double double throw relay"?

A 12 Volt  DPDT  Double Pole Double Throw relay.
I strongly urge you to put some kind of travel limit micro switches
otherwise you risk stalling the motor drawing ten times run current
or over heating or burning or hurting the gears of the motor. . . . . . .  A


OK, Thanks. I think I can make this work. Yor've helped me alot.