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wired video connection from an FPV camera Answered

could FPV cameras such as the Foxeer Predator Mini or Micro (intended for wireless use on drones) be set up to send a live wired video feed to an android phone or tablet via a micro usb cable of some description?
for context, i intend to build a bulky costume which effectively blocks my view out so after googling a bit i found some mentions of people using these (surprisingly cheap) cameras with (very expensive) FPV goggles so i figure i could potentially use a tablet/phone i already have with a long cable connection instead but i don't know if it's possible...


Actually, I just launched a guide that how to set FBV camera connection . I usually charge $10 but I’d be more than happy to share it to you. http://www.binbuzz.com

Look up "snake inspection cams". They might have a more limited field of view but would work for purposes of seeing out. Good luck.

and those car rear backup cam systems are cheap too. Wired too and 12v battery pack shouldn't be too much of a problem.

the inspection cam fov really is very narrow. the rear cameras look promising but so far all i've found are wireless ones...

The ones with RCA jacks are usually the wired ones and you can also get the display screen unit with it as a complete system. Look on Amaz*n or the Eb*y sites.

It's worth considering the Raspberry Pi with the PiCamera, there's a variety of screens and screen sizes that work with it. You can live feed from the camera to the screen (and record the video as well if you wanted).

Plus if your costume has any other electronic effects (such as LEDs or motors) that would benefit from a Microcontroller, the same Pi could also operate these simultaneously.

this is interesting, i've heard about this Raspberry Pi stuff occasionally but it all seemed really rather overwhelming so i haven't attempted to do anything with it before. i just googled it though and it might be more simple than i thought so i' going to see if i can find anyone locally who has experience with it :)

so i've been doing a bit more googling and there seems to be fpv monitors which appear to be chunky tablet like screens, obviously they're designed primarily for a wireless connection but does anyone know if they can be set up with a simple wired connection straight from the camera to the monitor? im worried that more wireless stuff means shorter battery life, plus those antennas will probably get in the way in a small enclosed space...

There is no FPV system that I know of that allows for a wired connection.
But there are lots of cameras available that offer a RCS video output and even more monitors that have a video input available on the driver board.

Do you have a driver for the usb connection? No...
Do you have any software that could make it work? No...
Is a standard USB connection even fast enough to deal with hi-def video in real time? Possibly not...