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wireless activation device need help creating a suitable output device possible use of electromagnets Answered

I need help developing the output system for my remote system. currently I'm using a wireless doorbell as the receiver planing on replacing the speaker with some kind of device that will activate when the transmitter sends a signal. basically I'm trying to make a remote mine like the one in the following links http://www.redwolfairsoft.com/redwolf/airsoft/ProductDetail?prodID=23142 and http://www.shortyusa.com/cart/viewitem.html?II=1862&UID=1276804389- it appears that both are using some kind of magnetic system as the release and I am a bit out of my league. Any ideas are appreciated I will also include a basic drawing of where I currently am at in my project and what I would like to accomplish and lastly if any one owns one of these and knows how they function please let us know.



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so the solenoid is going to work just need to find one

OOOH OOOH! I have an idea! Why not rig it up with a motion sensor flood light, but rewire it so that when it detects motion, it triggers your trap rather than turn on light bulbs. Hope this helps!

The device you link to is probably spring loaded. All it needs is an electronic trigger that releases the spring loaded portion.

fixed second link I think =P And yes you are correct the delivery system is spring loaded. lucky for me I already have that part figured out ; P what we need to focus on is the "activator" the gamma 33's is parallel to the back of the mine and looks about the size of a quarter. the Swiss Arms M18A1 appears to be parallel to the top of the mine , both seem to react very quickly to activation almost like a magnetic reaction I wonder if a relay is involved

A relay wouldn't have the power to set off a trigger that would hold back the spring mech.

But a solenoid would have the power to release a properly designed trigger.

A solenoid like this diagram, would be energized by the radio receiver and would pull the trigger.  There might be a relay involved to handle the extra current of the solenoid.

that looks like it would work have any ideas where I might find one or two?

You can of course buy them.

They are installed in lots of things.  Some washing machines or dryers have the.  They may be 120 volts though.  If you could get one of these you could probably rewire it easily for 12 volt or whatever you are using.

They are sometimes used in the electric door locks in automobiles.  Those would probably be 12 v.  There are probably other things that I'm not thinking of right now that have low voltage solenoids.


You could make them.  They are just a coil of wire wrapped around a cylinder form with a steel rod sliding in and out.  The rod has a hole or nut for attachment of the part you want moved.  In your plan it would be an intermittent use so it's not critical that you get the resistance perfect.  If you just hit the release and then let it go, a one second overload won't hurt the battery etc.