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wireless help in linux... Answered

i need some help configuring a netgear wg111 in slax linux....i know that i have to do someting with ndis wrapper, but where i get the .inf files and such, i do not know....any help is much apreciated!


I love slax!

I'd try the topic here: slax.org/forum/viewtopic.php?t=7043

uhmmm....that link appears to be broken....but yes, slax is awesome!!!

err...i think slax is down....or at least for me....:(

:( Sorry about that. I've not had to configure my wireless in slax so if that guide doesn't work I don't really know what to do.

do you know of any out of the box wg111 os's?

Do you mean OSs that will work with that router out of the box?

err...no, the router works, just the usb dongle doesn't....

I'm sorry, I'm a little bit confused by what you mean by "out of the box wg111 os's", then...

an os that works with a wg111 without (much) tinkering

IDK, but you should try something debian based, like ubuntu as they have good community support, it is what I am using and it is well made and MIGHT just have a suitable driver for it.

the inf file is from the windows xp driver. you should find in in the install disk. if its in exe then try to open it in windows and catch the file somehow if you have any other issues ask ! and link here to the guides etc that you tried i am arch linux user btw :)

i downloaded it and there are a couple .inf files...autorun(pretty sue thats not it....) wg111.inf...there is also a folder called ndis5...that sounds er...possibley like what i need.....now i just need to know how to use ndis....

try all of those who look ok tht should be the ndis folder and any other folder titled winxp or one with dlls etc in it you configure ndiswrapper to use your inf file (there probably is etc/ndiswrapper.conf or something like that) then you start ndiswrapper with modprobe if that worked you add ndiswrapper to the modules that start automatically

do you know of any out of the box wg111 os's?

nop. its me asking what does wg111 os mean is wg111 a router capable of running os or something like that ?

mandriva one has good out of the box hardware support arch is one where you do all the work yourself in the console but tries to keep stuff simple as in construction i dont have much experience with stuff other than mandriva and arch once you figured out how it works in one of them maybe youll configure it successfully in slax too

hrmm....ok...sounds good...do you know the specs of mandriva? like install size ram proscessor and if its usb capable?

it should work (with lags) on pentium 3 with 256 M it should be usable on pentium 4 with 512 M it supports work with usb and i think boot from usb too

uhhh....ive done multiple google searches and a couple slax forums....im tring to download the driver now....