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wiring a dryer motor to cord for use as a grinder/buffer Answered

Hello to anyone who can help me. I want to use a 110v dryer motor to make a grinder/buffer. The motor is a FSP brand and it has 3 terminals. The colors are blue,black and yellow. I just need to know how to connect to 2 wires outlet.


In case anyone else searches this up, as OP has probably solved this by
now; the blue neutral cable goes into the white neutral cable input, and
the two live wires are directional, so the hot wire can go into either
(this changes the direction the motor spins) and as long as the ground
wire has a direct/good contact with the motor frame, things should work

Odd colours, I'd think yellow to be an earth / ground connection? Test the resistance between the metal case and the three wires - if there's electrical connectivity don't wire that one to the power - use the other two.


Without knowing which motor it is, or which dryer it's out of, it's hard to tell. If you don't have the model number, then start playing with it, connecting it in different ways. The motor has two speeds, depending on which wires get power. Looks like you can take an ohm reading if you don't want to risk the motor (2.4-3.6 ohm), if one set of terminals is open or has twice the ohms of the other, those are the ones that pick the speed (one will be something like 1000 rpm, the other 1700 rpm) and the other one the common feed/source line.