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witches Answered

Just wanted to know how many Witches Male / Female is here?
Wondering if you would like to join me and making a great message board?
I'm not here to just look for members but to also find new wiccas / Pagans friends as well.
If you are a Witch give a shout out at me.


Now, I'm not Pagan, nor a Christian. (I'm an atheist.)No offence, but aren't there better websites that you can find people like you? In my opinion, Instructables is supposed to be for people who do projects such as robots,mechanics,art & craft projects,hobbies,etc,etc, but (In my opinon) looking for other Pagans and stuff like that goes in the catogory of religion and spirituality.

No spam just looking for people Like myself. People of any kind that would like to be online friends. No more no less. What about you, like to be friends? BB Tarot It's all good.

Check the private message I'm going to send you L

So, your first post here is asking people to join your forum...and you don't call it spam?

You're expecting to find witches here? Maybe so(?), this wouldn't be spam now would it? L

Hi, Danny. To answer your question, Yes I do believe in Spells and magick. Of course nothing will work if you don't believe or have the faith. BB Tarot It's all good.


11 years ago

u seriously belive in magic and all that crap