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woh 2 make a solar cell? Answered


I never claimed otherwise ,  however ,  the question was "how do I......"

Since we were not told what th' application might be I simply tried to give th' best answer I have !

Gearhead, are you having a conversation with someone off forum?  Your comment doesn't make sense otherwise.

Sorry if I have confused you ,  Check th' time/date of th' post I made about lindsaybks then your reply and then my last post !  I think you will find that my converstion is with you !!

I guess I've missed something.  I answered the question and posted a link to the directions.  I was not posting to you until I replied to your post directly.  When I posted my answer with the link and the comment on the link that I provided that it wasn't very efficient that was an answer not a comment to your answer.

OK ,  I guess I confused my self as well as y'all !  Sorry 'bout that (30 lashes with a wet noodle )  I really aint all that computer litereate bein' more of a mechanical engineer type

The OP may have been edited, and comments may have been deleted.

If th' book in question is sold out then I don't know where to look ,  but www.lindsaybks.com did have a photocell diy fer sale a while back .

It showed how to make th' copper cell steve is referin' to

TO make a very basic copper cell, to demonstrate the photoelectric effect  is not very difficult. A real cell is impossible to make without a full semiconductor laboratory, or a vacuum coating facility.