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wondering, if i replace the hard drive in my system do i need a new mother board? Answered

tried to reinstall my op system in my old dell dimension 4300 (my kid chewed it up and spit it out!!) but find that my hard drive is shot and needs to be replaced...if i do this will i need to replace the mother board as well?? is there anything else i need to keep in mind when i do this, i am new to doing repairs like this....by the way any tips or hints on uninstalling and re-installing system ops would be greatly appreciated, just to make sure i'm doing it right!! LOL thanx much...


If you have a proper license there is no problem usually installing a new hard drive. Do you need to recover data from the old one ?

thanx for responding! yes i would love to recover the old data we have on it, is there a way i can do this with minimal fuss? thanx again

get a hard drive the same as the old one, take them both apart, and switch the discs. your files will be on the new one.

Why do you think the "drive is shot" ? If its making unsettling noises, its probably beyond recovery I'm afraid ! Steve

still "sounds" fine, its the error messages, the speed is down to nil, haven't been able to defrag for ages message tells me too many errors etc...yet can't do a thorough clean out to facilitate the defrag...not too mention how my older daughter had left it when she moved out took me weeks just to get into the desk top much less anything else, so it's only been running half-a$$ed since then...then again it's out of date enoughi'm thinking it may be beyond redemption...LOL and just let it go *shrugs* i dunno...

Reinstall on a new drive first, and you can plug the old drive in afterwards to extract the files in "documents and settings".

No, you will not need to replace your motherboard. There are two common types of connectors used for hard drives, IDE and SATA. You computer only has IDE connectors on the motherboard, so you will need an IDE drive, which you can find here. Lucky for you, IDE drives are cheaper that SATA.

When installing components, you should never work on a carpeted area, to prevent static electricity from frying your hardware. You should also ground yourself to the case of the computer, again as a precaution against static electricity. The hard drive will come all set to have an OS installed on it, no need to format it or anything. Just install the hard drive (here's a guide, it's for adding a second drive, but the concept is still the same), put your Operating System disc in your CD drive, and follow the instructions.

While you're doing upgrades, it might be worth your while to upgrade your RAM was well. Looking at your computers specs, I see that you can have up to 1 GiB of RAM, if you don't already have that much installed, I'd recommended maxing it out, you'll definitely see a boost in performance. I'd recommend getting two of these modules. For purposes of campairison, at the moment you have 128 MiB of RAM installed; with those two new modules, you'd have 1024 MiB of RAM, thus giving you 8 times as much RAM (with RAM, the more you have, the better). Here's a guide for installing RAM in your computer.

Good luck, I hope you found this useful. By the way, here is the documentation on your computer I was referencing.

whoa thanx for the detailed info i really appreciate it!! very thorough...and good idea about the updates.... thanx again!

not really but if you want to keep data from old hard drive than make a backup file on your computer

No, you just need a new harddrive. Look around on newegg.com, they have some decently priced ones. All you need to do it replace the old HDD and reinstall the OS.