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won't stay signed in Answered

It doesn't happen every time but enough to be aggravating, I go to view an instructable from the main page and get signed out so I can't see all steps on one page or comment. Clicking sign in doesn't do anything but when I return to the man page I'm signed in ! Some times like today it's an instructable I've viewed before and commented on and want to reply to a reply. This has been occurring since the last update or whatever was done and happens on different computers and access sites (home, coffee shop, daughters house etc)


I love Instructables but my signin wont stay logged in when I go to a project that Ive received in the email daily.

I can sign in, search the project from the site and then when I go to the project, I am no longer logged in.

very frustrating. Mac Safari is the browser. Firefox has the same result.

If this is Autodesk's way of encouraging Pro subscriptions, you are just pissing us all off...and ruining the platform.

There are several with pro accounts who have the same difficulty, I had to do the ctrl-f5 trick a couple times and since then it's stopped logging me off, I'm not sure that a mac will respond the same way

Earlier today, I was trying to view a page in a new tab, (firefox) and was signed on my original tab, but the new tab indicated that I wasn't signed in, nor would it let me sign in. Every time I tried to sign in, it would be the same. Indicating that I was not. I tried opening up many other tabs, no problem... Still signed in.

Went back to the "problem" tab, and pressed "CTRL + F5" and like magic, I was signed in, and able to view all steps on the same page.

I am using Firefox 11.0
win xp pro
a 9 year old laptop

hope someone finds this helpful

it WORKED ! ! thank you... still aggravating though

I don't know why it works, but I remember having to do this once when my Craigslist postings wasn't showing up on my computer a day later... One of my computer (geek) buddies told me to do that, and it worked.

Glad that I could help with a workaround, Keep posting all of the great food "guides"... you help me keep myself very well fed, and help eliminate some of the food boredom of my normal meals.

I'm glad you enjoy my efforts, it's almost as rewarding as actually seeing people enjoy my creations. The main thing I try to get across is to use your imagination with what you have and what you enjoy, it doesn't always turn out good but it usually does

Same here. Even if I did sign in it won't show that i'm sign in rather I have to refresh the page. And I even click the button that says stay sign in.

I've had the problem for a few days. Sign in on main page but when I navigate to a different instructable I get the boot and cannot get back in. What do I do? My e-mail is vcdb45@yahoo.com

I have same problem.

I fixed it leaving my notebook ON forever. I close it, it sleeps, then I open it, press the ON button, and a few seconds after it awake.

Each 4 or 5 days I turn off it, just in case.

What's your browser and operating system?

2 comps @ home, one is xp and main one is windows 7, I usually use firefox but it's happened on IE as well

I've had this problem too. Any chance you are using privacy extensions that may be blockign whatever instructables is leaving to denote your login?

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