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wood and fiberglass cars Answered

hi i was just wondering when people make those awsome cars out of wod and fiberglass how do they get the shapes of the wood right?


Are you asking how they transfer patterns from paper to wood?

no... if you look up ford gt90 replica this guy built the car from wood pieces with fiberglass overlay i wanted to know how did he make it without an actual car another one is: "Bailey Blade Car Design / Building the body buck adding foam core - Part 2"

Oh, you want to know how to copy a car you don't have to hand.

Simple - get the plans or dimensions yourself. The exact dimensions of many popular cars will be available online, or you can spend time carefully extracting dimensions from photos or video stills, or even get out of the house and go measure a real one in the flesh.

so does this work for like slopes like on a cobra?

If you measure enough points, accurately, it should.

For a car like the Cobra, plans or dimensions should be available somewhere online.