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wood burning heater idea and questions. Answered

hey guys,

I hear alot about not using copper pipe in chloronated water and rather to use 316 stainless steel, it's just the price difference between copper and that grade steel is vast...

so is there anyone that tried copper in chloronated water?
And is their any other alternative tubing to copper and steel.

Another design i was thinking about was maybe using a barrol, fill the barrel with water, heat the barrol to get water to near boiling, have coiled polypipe in the barrol where the pool water will run through, what you guys think?


Copper and very hot water that is pumped is not a good idea. Chemicals in the water will etch away the copper and cause leaks. I know copper has been used for hot water production for many many years but when you get the right combination of chemicals in the water it will eat through the copper pipe in less than a year. I speak from direct experience.

+1. With the amount of chlorine in the pool water you'll be heating, it may pay to be on the safe side. Paying for copper pipe and then paying to replace it with the stainless is the most expensive option available to you.

If someone without a financial stake in your decision has counseled you to use stainless steel... maybe give it a shot?

Heat exchange effectiveness depends on several things:

The heat conductivity of the heat exchanger & exchange medium.

The surface area exposed to the heat

The external insulation on the system (avoids heat escaping)

The ability of the heat source to reach all of the heat exchanger.

The heat differential between source and destination

In general - Copper is a very good conductor of heat. However a copper coil has a limited surface area. You would be better off with a copper honeycomb
& pass the heat through the honeycomb.

The exhaust gas should be almost or totally cold at the exit showing you have extracted ALL the heat from the source.

Copper melts at a fairly low temperature so would need forced cooling e.g. water.

See what I mean there is a lot to think about.

All domestic ware in the UK is chlorinated.

Most if not all domestic water pipes are copper in at least part - Not see any problems in the past 20 years.