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wooden toys vs plastic toys ? Answered

Which one is a good option for kids wooden toys or plastic toys ????



3 years ago

I think metal toys are the very best. But stone is good, too.

Thank you for your reply, but the discussion is a better choice for kids, between wooden toys and plastic toys.

I was only partially joking. I've spent hours and hours happily playing with sticks, pebbles and simple things like pots and pans and cutlery

The question, of course, is unanswerable because it's way too general. Lego is a plastic toy and it's one of the best toys around; does that mean that all plastic toys are good? Of course it doesn't. Many plastic toys are ugly, flimsy crap that may not even be safe.

What does 'a good option' mean anyway? Good according to what criterion?

I agree with Kiteman that making your own toys will often give great results and I agree with Downunder that product safety is of great importance. And with homemade toys, you have control over that.
But your profile makes me think you might not be very much interested in people making their own toys.

Your respond is appreciable
as each reply counts. I think we need to work more on it to find out some relevant
respond for a concrete conclusion. Primarily we should keep learning quotient in
mind with toys for better upbringing of our toddlers.

(I think the subtle message of our replies was lost on "him"...)

Oh, I quite agree, but I don't really care...

It does not matter if you use plastic, metal, wood or even clay.
What matters is product safety in terms of choking, breaking, splitting, cutting and so on.
But for me the main factor is how it was made.
You still find toys colored with lead based paint or paint containing harmful solvents and softeners.
As a rule of thumb here I say: If you take it out of a sealed package you should not swell anything. Especially soft plastics often give a destinct "new smell" off them.
Wood is not safe from harm either...
In some countries you have standards and the corresponding labels for wooden toys.
They state the origins of the wood and that only natural treatments and paints were used - for example.

But have to wonder how to match the username to the request...

Whichever one you make yourself and don't buy from a faceless mass-producer or wholesaler.