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woofer connection in a car mp3 player. ? Dos & Donts Answered

I have a car amp with 4 speaker outlets(2L & 2R) can i connect just one woofer to it? if yes then what is the max limit of woofer specification?
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those are for you SPEAKERS 2 in front and two in back i am assuming

Second that. If your car doesn't have a woofer conn you will need to use a amplifier that has a built in crossover (and a Woofer output) for some good sound. You may be able to use a stand alone crossover too but I would be concerned about volume and sound distortion.


Less ur in Canada you will have to find an equivalent but this should give you something to read before hitting you local store :)

Specificly read the intro "And it has an input select switch that makes 5-channel output possible even with only a 2- or 4-channel input."

its india, and the player doesn't come with any instruction manual. it has 8 wires for 2F and 2R speakers. car battery is 35 amps. (i am not a techie..sorry) , its fitted now with two front speakers 4ohms each, two rear speakers 3 ohms each with a parallel tweeter.

sorry for the less info which i could type in. even the speakers are cannibalised from my old cassette player (sony and BPL), now my tv with a woofer is lying without the use of woofer (two of them) thought i could use it in my car. kindly advise & of course thanks for the reply

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Just go to an car audio store and ask for a five channel Amp. Be sure to tell them you only have 4 Channels (2 Front, 2 Back) and you want install a sub-woofer but do not have the connection for it.

The maximum Rating for you sub-woofer is limited by what Amplifier you use.

Also, Does your car radio have a "Signal" wire? (It will be a thin wire from your radio) It is used to actually turn the Amplifier on. If you radio does not have it You may want to upgrade your Radio. The speakers should be fine if you choose to replace it..