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working knex battle rifle Answered

I have been working on a battle rifle from halo. This forum is just to show you some pictures. If you want to see more go to my original forum.



CHECK OUT MINE it doesn't actually shoot though: ( This is a good one on how to shoot.


10 years ago

www.instructables.com/community/Knex-M1-Garand-or-the-lack-of-them- www.instructables.com/community/WW2-Gunners-Attention-need-your-opinion-again- THESE TWO above are for WW2 enthusiasts especially, but veryone should be interested. www.instructables.com/community/Another-Knex-challenge-even-better-if-youre-a-/ STAR WARS fans or just Knex gunsmiths - this one too Visit and comment if you have the time please :)


10 years ago

Post it and someone could mod it into a working model - DEFINITELY POST!

it works, not that well though ima working on improving power i do plan to post by the end of the year I am working on the instructions but is is one hell of a gun so it'll take a while

It's pretty cool you should post

im gonna try to put up an update photo, it looks ten times better, afterall these pictures are almost a year old by now

Dude this is pretty cool can you post an Instructable please this is like the only battle rifle that works out there that I know of

mabye in a year or so, the gun is in pieces all over the house this topic is months old

hey thats cool, i would make a rifle but i dont have enough knex and also i would die of confusion. cool tho.

change the mag.

how? i built the entire gun arround the mag and pin systym, there is know way i could change the mag.

make a removable mag then post it

i cant make a working removeable mag, but i can make a make beleve one