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working model for harnessing energy? Answered


  • rubber-band powered airplane/boat/whatever (kinetic energy stored in/relased by spring (e.g. rubber band))
  • any container with a chute or spigot at the bottom (gravitational energy)
  • hand-cranked radio/coffee grinder/anything (physio-mechanical/kinetic)
  • pinwheel or whirligig (wind energy/kinetic energy)
  • toilet (waste is transported away by hydraulic energy)
  • solar oven (solar energy)
  • coffemaker (electrical energy is tranformed to heat energy, heat energy boils water & produces steam energy, steam energy lifts water up into brewing chamber, gravitational energy pulls water through brew basket into coffee carafe).

P;us any living thing. Damned vague answer, anupam_kuttu; you need to give us more details if you want us to do your homework for you.