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working with relays and arduino Answered

I am doing a project in which i need to switch 3 phase induction motor( star connected ) using relays one for each phase and 3 phase voltage in our country is 415v( phase to phase). so my question is can I use relay of  rating 250 volts 5 amps one across each phase and 1 phase supply in our country is 230v .


Don't EVER use relays on motor loads like this. They will be destroyed in minutes, and either weld, leaving the motor turning, or fuse, leaving the motor dead.

You HAVE to use a motor rated CONTACTOR.

If your driving relays - or a contactor your going to need something between the micro and the relay to provide the necessary current.

Normally this is going to be a semiconductor, transistor, FET, darlington or dedicated drive IC. Much will depend on the type and spec of the contactor you use.