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would a clutch bell work as a spindle for a motor bike? Answered

i have a weedeater with a clutch on it and i want to make a motor bike as simple as possible and i am asking if you could use the clutch bell itself as a spindle for a friction drive motor bike if so i could probably build one in about an hour and also if so, where on the clutch bell would be best for contact with the wheel, the bigest part closest to the motor, or the smaller part of it farter away from the motor


.  Probably, but you more than likely aren't going to be able to transmit much power unless you know what you are doing.
.  Since "the smaller part of it farter away from the motor" is usually a gear for a chain, I don't think it will work well for a friction drive. YMMV
.  It may help to knurl the bell surface that will be in contact with your "friction element."

its not a chainsaw clutch but a weedeater one its kind of squarish at the end. so gear ration wise it would be best being smaller because i did one without a clutch and it worked fine with a spindle a little smaller than the clutch i have now and with a clutch the motor has a little more time to gain more torque you know and i cant knurl cuz i dont know how

.  I guess I'm not familiar with a weedeater clutch. I thought it would be pretty much the same as other centrifugal bell clutches. Looking at pics of weedeater clutches on the Web, it still looks to me like you should use the outer edge of the bell (the outside of the part that the shoes rub against) for a friction drive.

also you know how the pressure of the bell on the inner centrifugal clutch the clutch might just not work at all or would it? but is it true that the engine can gain momentum before engaging the clutch so that it could have a lower gear ratio.