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would a knex van de graaf generator be possible? Answered

I only want to use knex to make the frame, but the right materials for the rest.


depends on the size of it. my van de graff has a heavy dome which wouldnt be supported by knex. if it is small then go ahead but also be aware of how tight the belt is cause it could pull it down

also if it is going to be over a ft talll dont bother. the vibrations will tear the thing apart in 30 seconds. unless you wanna super glue the joints.

I was thinking, would aluminium foil be a good substitute for the dome? it was going to be about a foot tall. Thanks and i would need a more powerful motor than a knex motor?

you need the motor to spin fast. aluminum foil is a poor choice as all the sharp corners will leak static electricity. but really depends on how big the dome would be.

And what material would you recommend for the belt, brushes and rollers?

No reason why not - all it has to be is insulating,