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would anyone use a cardboard coffee table? Answered

I ask this question because i was thinking about entering the cardboard challenge. So i started to think of ideas and the first one that poped in to my head was a cardboad coffe table, then I thought about making a lawn chair or things of that nature. Also I thought about this to be a green project because my dad owns a bakery (keylime west inc.) and when he get shipments in of ingredients in there are always extra card board so instead of giving it to a recycling plant I could use it to make furniture


Thank you i was thinking the same thing about the flat packing it is light easy to assemble and recycled :)

Yes. It's kind of the ultimate in flat-pack furniture.

A coffee table would be great, i was thinking along the lines of a nice layered card shape underneath, with a pane of glass on top.

Yes, or an end table (with a lamp maybe, using LED technology).