would it work to play bass guitar through a car amp/subs?? Answered


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i am wondering if i could play bass guitar through a car amp and some subs meant for car audio.
it seems like a shouldnt be able to, but i cant think of a good reason why not...
here are some subs i was thinking about buying... would they work?


It worked for me. I used my bass amp head to drive the car woofers. It actually handles the low B string really well. It produces that actual 31 Hz sound and not only the harmonics that tend to mimic that B. Its really good. I've put a 1/4 jack in the back of it so I can easily take it out of my car just incase I want to use it to add more oomph to my low bass sound..

See, I'm really tempted to use 6.5" 4 ohm full range car speakers in a biamped bass rig. I have a Carvin Pro Bass 500 that has 2-250 watt@4ohm power sections. I could wire up 4 of these little speakers in a series/parallel configuration and run the crossover at 1,000 Hz. I have a good 15" bass guitar speaker that could easily handle up to 1,000 Hz.....Will this setup work? I'M SURE IT WOULD. Would it work WELL? WHO KNOWS???? I wish I did. I can get all 4 speakers for $50.....

I have recently been thinking of the same thing because i picked up a cheep bass and need a amp..but then im thinking and in the closet i have an 12" dual voice coil alpine type r and a box...i also have a orion colbalt 800.1 mono block amp.
now all i need is a continuous power supply..oh yeah i can get one of those..its a computer power supply...and just wire the right wires to the power, remote and ground on the amp and plug it in the wall...then just have to get a quarter inch to rca to plug the bass in the input of the car amp. i was also thinking of getting a boss equalizer pedal from the local pawn shop so i can change it up a bit in sound...i think this will also work because the sub is dual voice coil and also because on the amp you can switch it between lfp and full, and on full you will get higher frequency through the sub. what do you all think?

Work? Yes. Well? Questionable.

do you mean like the tone would suck just cause the speakers arent meant for it, cause thats what i was thinking, but if you used an actual bass amp hooked up to those speakers it seems like it wouldnt sound that bad

Depends on how loud you want it. Normal stereo speakers aren't designed to drive very low notes at very high volume. You might need something more like a subwoofer.... in which case you might as well just get a speaker made for the purpose.

Your bass guitar puts out a wide range of frequencies-- the amp has a veritable low pass filter so just set it to the speaker's high-end rating (2k) you would be fine. You might miss those overtones, but you don't want to push the speakers. Try it, at the worst you can bi-amp things later.