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would putting a lead acid battery in a backpack damage it? Answered

im trying to find a relatively inexpensive way to run my laptop off of something that will fit in my backpack and will be something that i can carry. so far i found out that i need a deep cycle or marine battery for my inverter, and an enclosure to make sure i dont get sulfuric acid everywhere, but all of the research ive found were about home backup systems which are stationary. would putting a lead acid battery in a backpack and carrying it around damage it or make it leak? i also found a lot of lithium ion batteries on amazon around 700 to 1600 mah for $.50 - $1... the sellers that sell them for that much have good ratings, is there something wrong with these, or did i hit a goldmine? example: http://www.amazon.com/Olympus-LI-30B-Rechargeable-Battery-Digital/dp/B00062WV6I/ref=sr_1_20?ie=UTF8&s=electronics&qid=1273381311&sr=1-20   if lead acid doesn't work (or the lithium ion), would 10 nimh d batteries work?



8 years ago

He's right. Sealed lead acid batteries won't leak acid because....well...they're sealed. They often can be even stored and used on their side. And they can be scavenged off old UPS's.

The only concern is when they are charging - if using a scavenged one with a bad cell, it will overheat (and maybe swell and explode in the worst case scenario), and during charging they might release gas.

I'm toying with the idea of making a portable power pack using SLAs.

You don't need a inverter to charge a laptop - they use DC, but the charger turns it into (24?)Volts DC (or whatever). You could build a power supply that regulates the 12V of the battery to chargte your laptop.

Confirm this, but I think the laptop has internal controls to regulate its own charging. And the charger plug you get is not really a charger - just an AC-DC converter with protection.

Of course, it would be risky for the laptop if you don't know what you're doing, you would have to make sure the battery's current output is not being exceeded, and make sure it isn't emptied to below 12,7-12,3V, and you would want protection of some kind to protect laptop and battery.


8 years ago

Sealed Lead Acid batteries are portable, but still heavy. Lithuim Ion should give you more energy for the same weight, but you'd have to build them into a pack and build a charger.
I'd say someone is trying to shift those because they're old (even if unused) and they've got no realistic prospect of any significant quantity being bought for use in the cameras they were intended for.