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would the lenght of the nichrome wire affect its ability to cut trough foam? Answered

I need to cut a wide piece of foam and need a decent length of wire to do it like 2 feet long would that have any affect on the cutting ability of the wire



2 feet should be fine, as long as you have adequate power to heat it efficiently. Remember, the longer the wire is, the more resistance it will put up. I'm not entirely sure what an adequate voltage would be since I've never made a foam cutter, but there are a few instructable on this site that may have the answer. My guess would be somewhere between 9v and 12v.

It won't affect your cutting provided you make allowances for it with the power you feed it. DON'T EVER feed it with line voltage.


9 years ago

Thats like asking what length is a piece of string. you need more details ie current, power, resistance of the nichrome ?