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would this be possible Answered

if you have seen superman returns you will know what i mean

would it be possible to piggyback some sort of shuttle on aircraft such as a modified  boeing 777 with a  twin tail config to a sutable launch possation so that the shuttle could ignite its engines and climb into orbit under its own thrust

just a thought


I think there is (or was) a commercial launch vehicle that was launched from a B52. Not big enough to carry anyone (or, more correctly, anyone who wanted to live once they got into orbit). I think more interesting is a supersonic (like the Valkyrie bomber that never went into production) or hypersonic aircraft to launch from.

If you're wanting a system that can be turned around quickly for rescues, you need to dig up the old McDonald Douglas Delta Clipper (DC-X) scheme, a single-stage-to-orbit vessel that could be controlled by three men in a truck with PCs (vs NASA/Shuttle's 20,000 staff at an entire town-sized base), and could be turned around between flights in 24 hours (vs six months for the Shuttle).

DC-X could even hover on its thrusters, and even landed safely on autopilot after human error blew out the side of the ship.

Oh, that is interesting!

And they appear to be hiring, interns as well as "proper" jobs.

I have a nasty feeling though that SSTO might not be possible with current materials technology :-(


McD reckoned they could do it with some really light materials they were sourcing from Russia.

(Oh, and an entire DC-X ship cost less than a Shuttle toilet.)

i like the idea of it but i would personly like some sort of shuttle craft that can be launch at a seconds notice from a specialized airport sort of like space lifeguard

DC-X can be launched at a moment's notice. "Turn around" is the time it takes to get it ready between flights. As for a "specialised airport", all DC-X needs is a patch of concrete the size of a basketball court...

i like it but it just not what im looking for im thinging of something that can hold 10 or 11 people not 2 or 3 and have the ability to have diferent cargos for difderent perposes

What you're after does not exist, but it *is* what was envisaged for the final version of DC-X (you see, any aircraft with an "X" in the code is a prototype).

i know that i was just wondering is it possible

Look up Virgin Galactic.

virgin galactic doesnt go into orbit or carry cargo

i was thing of something manned and piggybacked in launch position not carried underneath the aircraft

Manned because i would like it to be able to preform space based recues and piggyback so you can use a production aircraft instead of having to design and build a whole new aircraft

What makes you think an existing aircraft is ideal? You don't need all that useless cargo volume inside your huge converted passenger jet and you're likely to be introducing unnecessary problems into the design of your space craft.

no the cargo would be replaced with added structor to help with the g forces of launch and the main engines would one egnite when the aircraft has disingaged and it would be cheaper to use a extiing aircraft