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wow i can't believe this! Answered

so i was listening to the news yesterday so orlando had this shoes for guns thing. so you give your gun for a pair of shoes or $50. so then this one guys gives a 4 foot surface to air missle launcher for a pair of shoes but of coarse it was no questions asked. well i was just wow!


Personally I love guns and the economics of trading an expensive gun for a pair of shoes explains why so many people can't budget their lives.

I will add that I'm a little pissed off right now I just found out the son of one of my friends was shot yesterday. IMHO We need to stop locking up nonviolent offenders and start executing violent offenders.

And since she's not here to brag, which she does shamelessly, if you're a baseball fan you'll be hearing more about her other son

. Sounds like son #1 is a hero. . > We need to stop locking up nonviolent offenders and start executing violent offenders. . Not sure I agree 100% with the first part, but I kinda like the second. At least keep them away from society. The only reason I'm against Capital Punishment is because the system makes too many mistakes (false positives). I say, make the system more reliable and then start fryin' 'em.

an island where they must fight to become the leader in the hellish place kinda like the island but think an island of violent offender's with food drops (humanities acts) and guard boats would cut taxes by huge amounts as they'd not be in prison and hey if they kill eachother then you just saved a few quid's worth of electricity

Or if the government followed the second amendment, then everyone who was a legal American citizen would be able to carry a gun, which would lower the crime rate because more people would be able to defend themselves. It would be more effective than making laws against the right to bear arms, because criminals are criminals because they don't obey the laws. Laws only affect law-abiding citezens.

that is true but the government always wants to get more power and even the state of california(highest crime) is trying to iligalize guns to a certian extent by no auto and no 50 cal but that doesnt affect criminals cuz there criminals so the government is realy in a loop hole but there whould be more so called "accedents" because of it

That's funny, because here, no one carry guns, we don't have more criminality than anywhere else, and no one feel the need to carry a gun to be able to defend themself ... Also, there are less peoples shot by criminals with guns, because criminals with guns know that peoples don't have guns, and thus that there is no risk to be shot. Our local criminals with guns would be more dangerous if citizens were authorized to carry guns ... Though, i'm not saying that Citizens of USA should get rid of their weapons. It's too late anyway ...

anyway, why did they think that everyone with a gun needed shoes so bad that they would trade their gun for it, when they could sell the gun for a few hundred dollars and by loads of shoes?

Did anyone else have the image of a kid trying to trade in a knex gun for shoes? :P

Philadelphia gave away 76ers tickets to anyone who turned in a gun. Philly has a terrible homicide problem, so that was one way to reduce the amount of guns on the streets.


11 years ago

You think people are trading in multi-hundred dollar guns? Probably $30 "Saturday night specials" that were stolen in the first place (and perhaps are being discarded because they've already been used in a crime?)

They don't care if they've been used..gangs would buy the guns from the person who already used it..the police just want to get as many guns off the street as possible.

> You think people are trading in multi-hundred dollar guns? . From what I've read in the paper and seen on the TV - yes. Saw a news item where a Benelli shotgun, in excellent condition, and several historical revolvers were turned in. . Granted, the majority of the guns they get are low-quality and in many cases non-working, but they get plenty of good guns, too. . Makes me sad to think of that Benelli being cut up and melted dows. :( I'd be tempted to stand to the side and go "Pssst! Hey, buddy! I'll give you _$100_ for that shotgun."

To quote the orlando sentinel article "An unblemished 1903 .32-caliber Colt pistol caught the eye of a knowledgeable deputy who checked the Internet and found it was worth about $1,400. Despite being more than 100 years old, it and dozens of other old handguns in various calibers still worked and would be deadly, deputies and officers said. Few of the exchanged weapons were late-model 9 mm and .45-caliber pistols, the sort used in many of the more than 100 murders last year in Orlando and Orange County."

I would rather keep my guns. However, do zip guns or improvised firearms count?


11 years ago

I can use a gun more ways than shoes. Anyway, that sounds like a really bad idea, a couple hundred dollar gun for $50 dollar shoes?