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you wont see me for a while Answered

im going to visit my mom in Reno, NV, if you want hit me up, on sadlier way in the brown apartments on the edge of sparks, well see you later. hey, feed my birds while im gone. lol.


lol, did it get flagged?

If somebody is as busy around the place as K_A is starting to be, they'd be missed if they disappeared without notice.

Just imagine how worried you'd have been if GH hadn't warned us he was going into hospital. (OK, how much more worried you'd have been.)

What if W'berg, Adrian, forgesmith, whatsisface (or myself) suddenly stopped posting without warning? How much would you panic then?

Meh, I have cardboard cutouts of all of you. I'd just comment for you...

...edges slowly away...

Yes, Keith-Kid, whatever you say Keith-Kid...

P.S.: Shouldn't it be Edges away slowly?

Yes, ever since James T Kirk split infinitives on a weekly basis, it has become grammatically acceptable to do so in polite company.


What I mean is, why not just post in on your orangeboard or about page instead of making a forum topic? If you are missed, people will go to your page to see if you have commented. I'm just sick of these popping up every two days!

here, i can post an instructable " How to Take a trip to Reno, NV on the cheap."

forgesmith? I'd never heard of him before.

Hmm, the last picture. LOL at picture #2.


9 years ago

Ah, who were you again?


That's happening a lot lately.

It's called "the holiday season". Advanced warning - I'll be gone on the 9th August for a couple of weeks.

Will you be back by the 19th? To celebrate my B-day?

Counts on fingers.

I won't be back, but I will be at my parents' by then - they have 't interweb

It's called tinterweb.

Southerners, I dunno...


You live in Lincolnshire!! I was born in Cumbria - to me, Mancunians are Southerners!

The only words I understood in that comment were you, live, in, to, are and me.

No offense to anyone, but its like that stereotypical Television jewish family reunions, where the old people are all like:

"I told the little *flem sound*eker to *flem sound* ate the *flem sound* non. How meshugene do ya have to be to *flem sound* the *flem sound*?!"

*Braces self for incoming religious debate*

OK, some background - I currently live in Suffolk, part of East Anglia and most easterly point in England. Whatsisface lives in Lincoln, slightly North and West of me. So, he calls me "Southerner" (the British North-South divide is much deeper than the American one, dating back as it does several thousand years, when "Britain" was actually a dozen or more separate nations.) However, Whatsisface didn't realise that I was born in the Extreme North-West of the UK, making me a true Northerner, and him a Southerner. Mancunians live in Manchester, and call themselves Northerners, even though, when you look at a map, they are actually Midlanders...

midlanders FTW - btw kiteman, im trying to organise a meet up, i think your the main guy to help me, ive got a forum topic up.

Ahem, that's just Northern Ireland - the other bit is a different country.

I know, the point was it's labelled as Ireland, not Northern Ireland.

Newcastle-North, Manchester-Middle, Southampton-South

see? it's logical

Oh, ok, thanks. Now I can ace a pop quic about Britain if I ever do get one.

Lincoln is right on the north-south divide I think. Yeah I googled, I'm nearly on the line. I still class myself as a Northerner though, all we have round here is cabbages and farmer types.

post a bulletin and i may be a little late but i'll see

I nearly went there for a weekend, but it turned out to be cheaper to spend a fortnight in Florida, so we did. Why?