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youTube interaction Answered

In this

There are three replies. When I viewed the 'ible BEFORE clicking on Iceng's video, I could see the replies, now, AFTER viewing the video, anytime I review the page I can ONLY see the video.....


I think the answers are still there, but the page-scroll is somehow jamming at the bottom edge of the video frame - you'll notice the complete absence of the usual footer stuff.

As a test, I have PMed iceng and asked him to delete his comment, to see if that frees up the rest of the page.

Yes. I saw that. Its why I posted the screenshot. But it worked UNTIL I clicked the image to view the video.

But I had the problem as soon as I went to the question, before clicking on the video or anything else there.

Did either of you notice that the right hand column is blank? I noticed this yesterday on another topic, and it too has a video posted in the comments. Perhaps there's a connection to the 2 problems?

Normally we should see the Info/Stats box, Featured or Related....


Here's a screenshot of the page I linked to (in case its only showing up this way on my browser). If you scroll down to the bottom, you'll see the video in the last comment... Based on the way the pages load, the left column has to fully load before the right column code is displayed, so I'm thinking that something in the embed code is messing up the rest of the page (which is why the right side is blank)...

Mac OS X 10.6.8 - Safari 5.1.4


There's a bunch of CT stuff missing as well!

I'm going to wave this at HQ...

It's not missing all the time, just when then RH column is missing.

We pushed out a release yesterday, so you may have been viewing the site when that was happening (thereby causing minor burps in the page loads). Try the usual: clear cache + reload and it should load correctly.

All Fixed. (and it was a tough one to nail down)


Happy comment reading!

I look forward to my free membership for reporting it first then.....

How come Instructables is the ONLY website I visit which breaks and I have to fix things by clearing cookies and refreshing caches ? EVERY SINGLE other site I visit, updates happen transparently ?

That's because we're a DIY site :)

Joking aside, we pushed out a release recently and this is a symptom of that, we're working on the fix now.

Cleared cache, reloaded page and still shows the same problem (as everyone else has also reported).

If you look at THIS FORUM TOPIC, do you see anything in the right hand column or the footer of the page? 

It appears that the problem is due to the embedded video because nothing loads after that point.

I can confirm that I don't see anything loading on the right hand side. It's being investigated as I type.

Here's another bug report....

Same problem Embedded Video in Comments section is preventing the remainder of the page to load.

This is not an isolated issue. I hope someone is looking into this. ;-)


Cache cleared, hard refreshed, browser restarted, still no joy.

(FF 13.0.1, XP Home Edition)

I have lost control of the ability to delete it
Stopped after a second such one occurred yesterday
Very sorry using the normal way of imbedding videos like before.
Using latest Firefox on Windows XP
I maintain a hardware fire wall and one ISP for telephone, internet and TV.

I give HQ freedom to wipe my videos any way they can.

The only unusual occurrence preceding this event was the ISP replaced
my modem with their own a day before.

You can use Firebug to delete the

I don't think thats the right solution... There's at least 5 posts that I know of (Instructables, forums, questions etc), that are not fully loading because of an embedded video in the comments section. In some of the cases, the delete link is even missing, because again, the rest of the page fails to load after these videos...

I can link you to all of them if you want, but they are all accessible on page one of the bug section. ;-)

It's not a solution, but a work around. You can delete the offending html with Firebug, then the rest of the comment stack appears letting you access the delete button.

Though the devs probably want the buggy posts left so they can see when they've fixed them :p


6 years ago

Never been associated with a bug.
I am fearful of posting any embedded video now.
Will we be informed of particulars one day ?