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your clique Answered

what clique are you in? im a gangster/skater/ninja/mexican/prep but i mainly am an outkast i could fit in with any group... ...i choose not to



I'm in the Muffin clique..... Not too many muffinators around me, though v_v

 muffinators are bacc! so whatcha bacc! haah sorry it took a year for a respond but i went through some stuff, anyway, have a good day!

Well, there's Muffy the vampire slayer....oh wait, that Buffy, sorry.

Umm, the nerdy one? Everyone I hang out with is a nerd of some sort - everything involves references for us. That's what happens when you make friends through your jobs - most of mine have been bookstores or game shops. :P Though I have recently made some female (!!!) friends, and yay for that! First female friends I've had since middle school.

I have recently made some female (!!!) friends,

Weird. Where do you find those?

Through work, actually. I think I've figured out the secret: Befriending intelligent, confident girls (and it my case, older) in a steady relationship! Well, it's not foolproof, I suppose. But this has worked for me so far. I always ran away from female friends because I always felt there was some sort of competition for attention going on and I hated it. It's so awkward hanging out with my male friends with a female friend that acts that way. :|

I generally find that women who are "socialized as males" (annoyingly this turns out to be society's definition of women who are smart, confident, secure, engaged, willing/able to stand up for themselves) work out just fine. It's just unfortunate that many women are, from a young age, encouraged to be insecure and passive-aggressively manipulative. (Actually, this sounds like the beginning of a rant, so I'll stop now.)

No need to rant, I agree. I find intelligence to by a very attractive trait in women. It is VERY sad that it is not encouraged more (of course, I grew up "insecure, and passive-aggressive, so I know the devastation of this path in life)


10 years ago

I always figured there was a difference between the groups of people you ended up hanging out with just because of what you were or what you did (not sure what to call those), and the groups you ended up CHOOSING to be with (those would be the cliques.) So nerds aren't really a clique (just a personality type), and not all athletes are "jocks" (some sports don't seem to qualify!) The closest thing to an actual clique is probably "SF Fandom", filking, costuming, "reader", and "boffer war" sub-cliques (used to be "science", but it got a bit repetitive and failed to adequately cover the pieces of science that were actually moving along.) Oh yeah; I'm also a "parent", which lets me in to certain clique-like ... things.

I fly in the face of cliques most of the time and this is kinda why all the popular people at my old school hated me, think rich kid school with highly tiered social system. That and I was pretty poor compared to the less well off ones so that sucked... means they think they can do what they want to you (and don't expect a good kicking) I was very good friends with anybody who I wanted to speak to, I knew most of the 'nerdy kids' (they're usually much more fun than jerks), the art crowd (being an artist of sorts), the sport crowd (not jocks and popular ones but the guys who do good stuff like climbing and mountain biking), girls (I get on really well with girls so I knew nearly all the girls in our year depsite not being *socially acceptable), the scary ones (I fat in well with the category of people that don't beat people up every day but you're best off not making mad, all becasue of one incident involving the schools premier jock smart alec, his little bout of racism and me) You could think of any group and I can get along with except 'popular' ones becasue they have their head so far up the asses. Also i'm in the killer clique, which is a bit notorious on it and the jackalope clique which is chiefly the crop framer cliques worst enemy

I fit in to many so-called cliques. Sports, academics, hobbies.

No cliques, but a LOT of "clicks" Mostly my joints...*sigh*

Oh, no! its old man goodhart after us!!! run! Sorry, I'm in a weird mood tonight

No need to run, sonny.....a brisk walk will keep you out in front.......unless I git my walker back LOL

Oh noes he got his cane out ! Were all in for a whippin! (btw what were the dinosaurs really like?) just kidding Goodhart, you know your our favorite here!

Well, to be honest I did get to work with a dinosaur: it was called the IBM 4381 Mainframe. The beast resided in a room hat was about 100 yards in length, with 12 ft high ceilings and HD's that went from the floor to about a foot short of the ceiling. We needed to monster air conditioners running full blast all the time to keep those beasts cool, I'll tell you. (honest) We had 3 reel tape drives....the kind you seen in old Sci-Fi movies :-) And punch cards too (gee I miss those days - NOT ! ). LOL

I'v seen those punch cards -my dad had a pile 2 inches thick and they didn't even have as much data on them as a floppy! (and they were much easier to ruin or loose) I'm glad those days are over!

Yeah, dropping a whole drawer full of cards (over 1,000 of them) was a mess, especially if it was a program.....you couldn't use the sorter machine on a program deck. But before that was the good old analog computer....that was interesting to program.....talk about hands on LOL

And I thought my dad's packard bell 386 was slow! lol!

There was the old 8086/8088's, then the chip changed, and the 80286 was born. Next in line was the 80386, but by then they stopped using the 80 on the front....so no, it was hard for the 8088 to keep up with a 300 baud modem, honestly.

no, I mean the ancient one. The older one -both are ancient 300baud- lol! try 1.5mbps!

Most of my friends are skinheads and punks, and rats (people who dumpsterdive and ride around on bikes all the time). You start to get to know people once you start going to concerts all the time and everyone just sorta knows everyone.

The lone geek in the corner, usually thinking clique.

planning the downfall of your fellow classmates, right?

Muahaha!!! Hmm, chemical supply closet, I wonder what I could make with those.... (Actually I prefer blowing gas out of my mouth into my zippo while the teacher isn't looking)

Actually a few years back some kids were making nitroglycerin at my school. That was before they made a separate key for the storage room. Too bad they got caught!

im in the "artsy" clique mainly because i really like making art. also the fact that everyone i meet thinks im atleast 2 years older then i really am helps

I'm pretty sure I'm in a clique all my own...and it rocks :)

Go right ahead...it's yours and who ever else wants it.


10 years ago

W.A.A.E. we accept almost everyone

None. I'm the type that is antisocial and likes to be alone. Before I moved to New Mexico I used to be one of the weird kids (ALBATROSS!!!), but now I don't fit in and I don't really want to.

tlhup (Klingon) I understand completely.

huh? (sorry, I don't understand Klingon)


10 years ago

I'm in the clique of Awesome.

I've been in many a school, many a clique.

In my "first" school (not really my first; I'm just starting here to save space) from K-about 5th grade I was the "weird kid"

In my second school, I entered in the second semester of 5th grade. I was the weird kid, because no one gave me a chance. But by 6th grade, they began to realize my sense of humor, and i was beginning to feel "accepted" and beginning to like school.

7th grade, I moved states. Another new school. I was a little nervous, and it took a couple weeks before I felt comfortable enough to start cracking jokes. I was one of the popular kids almost instantaneously (although I was technically considered one of them, I usually didn't hang out with them)

Then, the year i entered high school, this year, I moved yet again, this time to Georgia. My parents sent me to a Catholic Boys' school, and I was known as the "Einstein meets Comedian" kid. Everyone relied on me for homework as well as a good laugh.

Currently? The second semested of my freshman year I began at a public school closer to home (co-ed, thank goodness). It's only been a week; I'm still shy, but for now I hang with the "bandees", because they're typically a very kind group to be around.