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z35 review Answered

ok i was the choice builder but it was almost flawless i just added some rods in the mag to help profmece and 1 rubber band for the trigger
also i made the full verson i have 2 mags the sniper and high clapicty

power:10/10it shot 15-20 ft with 1 #32
looks:9/10 the only down side is that theres some blue rods sticking out but thats normal
stock:10/10 i though it would be veryvery week with the middle part but its the strongest knex stock i have made
barrels:9/10 i have the mess up once because my friend loaded it wrong
bi-pod:10000000000000000000000/10 my fav bi pod
mags:9/10 i dont geat how or what hold the pusher back but i made my owan way
handle:8/10 not the strongest but its comfey

over all:10/10
the best knex gun yet i have made i cant wait for the z36

gun: https://www.instructables.com/id/Z35-Knex-Assault-Rifle/
video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pQeA_Ytr7Dg


Oh, by the way, I cancelled the Z36, it didn't work out for me.

i find knex guns that are replica's of real guns are rubbish. 10/10 on Z35 btw

That's because they're built only with certain features. And thanks for the compliment.

Why? The Z35 was awesome, and the Z36 would have probably been even better!

So could you make a second version? Please?
PS I subbed to you.

I don't know if I can make a better one that still has all the same features. And thanks for the sub.

Technically,  the barrel is not fake.  It exists, and is made out of K'nex.  But, realistically, it serves no purpose.


9 years ago

yea... ummm, the barrel is real

No it isnt, the barrel does not improve accuracy in any way.

it doesn't have to. as long as the bullet comes out the barrel, its considered real

If the bullet doesnt touch the barrel, it is fake. A real barrel is something like the TDS. Mepain's sniper uses a fake barrel.

reply to HIS comment, not mine.

If its allright for some movies and music to have multiple reviews, why not knex guns? I always ask for 2 reviews nowadays.

Well, the whole prebuilder thing didn't work out as I had hoped this time so there were others who finished it at around the same time as you.

Thanks for this review, I will put a link to it on my instructable next to Killer~SafeCracker's.

dat bipod iz mine =P