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zaks 6gun Answered

hey guys i am a big fan of zaks guns and this time i was wondering if any o you knexer had internal pictures of his 6gun, mainly the bullet lock and trigger area.

thanks Dan.



8 years ago

lol I already have them =D lol, it wasnt a great gun but for 2-3 bands it was good. lol

Did you ask Zak if you could post these?  He was quite clear to me when he gave me them that he didn't want them posted everywhere.  Or anywhere, actually.

 Is that a custom NAR?

It is indeed. But......... It's not mine. :-P


Don't bother building it, it didn't work too well aside from the trigger.  The design was nice and clean and the trigger was great but other than that, performance was weak.

I know I've decide not to built it, instead i built zaks not a rectangle since he gave me internal pictures.  

Omg I really need internal pics PLEASE!

why don't you just ask zak on his youtube account he will give them to you.

Sadly... I'm not aloud on youtube... So I'd really appreciate it if you gave me internals, I will 5* all your stuff and subscribe to you if you send them to me.

Mom's internet blocker, she thinks YT is bad, when she uses it a lot lol..

YEEEP  oops caps, too lazy to go back and replace it...

NAR was my favorite gun, But a connector barrel would also be epic.

Zak's NAR is terrible. Don't build it.

Trust me... It's really good, Not as good as the original... But It's really good for me.

No it isn't. It doesn't shoot farther than a TR.

Of coarse not, but I really like it.

Then why say "It's really good" if it isn't? And why like a bad gun at all?

Because it's a really fun gun to shoot, It's just not as powerful as a br/ real NAR

But dont worry yours is still way way better.

how don't i have enough rubber bands if they both work great

Then you should just use a TR. The NAR is ONLY for putting tons of rubberbands on it. Zak's NAR does not work with as many rubberbands.

now i see your point, but i am not going to put tons of bands on the NAR because i really don't think my dad would like me shooting through the wall.

ah i see it wouldnt be that epic more of like a woah thats cool kinda way

Yeah that's why I really want pics of the internals =)

Can't... PLEASE just send me them on my orange board, I would LOVE to have them!

why do you think i asked moneymaker dude?

Because more than 1 person might want to see internal pictures and it takes forever to PM a bunch of people.

well thats not my fault you guys should ask for your own pics

Well maybe he doesn't want to PM 20 people the same thing when he could just post a public comment or topic for everyone to see.

 Hey maybe I like to PM people.

I thought this was about Money Maker's preference.