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zombie apocalypse Answered

If you had time to prepare for the zombie apocalypse how would you get prepared?


I would start on becoming a cannibal and letting myself rot so that i would fit in with everyone else. :)
I LOVE Zombies! O_O

In the latter method, thieves and rogues are essential, you will probably come across individuals with useful skills of their own, and as the traveling continues, reclamation of the land will be gradual.
Rogues are essential in this scenario, as they can pick locks, set intricate traps, and duel gracefully.
Adding new members to a group is useful because, obviously, the more skills a group has the more likely it is to succeed, and more versatile it is.
Reclaiming the earth is not only beneficial to all of mankind but also helps eliminate the threat in conquered areas(allowing you to let your guard down a little more in that direction).

Windows not only let you know if enemies are close, they provide opportunities to fight back and in emergency situations, serve as an exit.
A stockpile of ranged weapons helps put distance between your fortress and the enemies; calling it a fortress shows you intend to stay for quite some time, and that means you’ll probably eat there a lot too; even though the fortress is supposed to keep the zombies out, that doesn’t mean no one will get hurt on the inside.
No matter how well-protected a fortress is, it should always have a escape plan. Any fortress with no a backdoor, quickly becomes a tomb during a siege, after you’ve used up your supplies.

Well, there are two basic methods of survival here.
Establish a fortress and live as long as you can on stocked supplies, hoping someone will rescue you and take you to another fortress, only to do the exact same thing in a repetitive cycle.
Another is to become a nomad, or traveling wanderer(alone or in a group). This is often the lesser liked of the two, as it often puts you on par with the predators(the zombies); ironically, this is my preferred plan. Despite the insecurity and lack of familiarity, it provides a more helpful stream of supplies.
However, there are circumstances where both have greater advantages.

Build a bomb shelter and rig my surroundings with various anti-zombies devices.

I'm reading "Pride and Prejudice and Zombies"-It's pretty funny.

ya or a big full auto shot gun