Towel Holder Pegs

Introduction: Towel Holder Pegs

Bored by the normal towel hooks in your bathroom or toilet? Thats what we thought wenn we mounted some "towel pegs" to the wall on our toilet next to the basin. As I live in a shared flat, we also need some of them ;-)

Step 1: Stuff You Need

You'll need very little to make you own towel pegs, probably you even have everything laying around already.

  • A wooden peg
  • one screw
  • something to drill a hole in the peg

Thats all. Easy isn't it!

Step 2: Hole in the Peg

first we twist the peg a little and drill a hole in the size of the screw in one leg of the peg.

this is needed, because if we wouldn't do that the screw will break the peg in half.

Step 3: Hole in the Wall

obviously we need a hole in the wall as well. who would have guessed ;-)

Step 4: Mount Peg to Wall

then use your trusted screwdriver and mount the peg to the wall. Be carful not to break the peg by screwing it to hard. just a little tension should be sufficient.

Step 5: Its Towel Time!

now do that a couple of times more and ready are your new towel pegs :-)


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