Treasure Hunt in a Bottle

Introduction: Treasure Hunt in a Bottle

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make your own treasure hunt in a bottle using a soda bottle (or pop bottle if you prefer) some rice and about a dozen knick knacks.
teeasure hunt in a bottle is a great quite kids activity.

Step 1: Gather Supplies

1) find an empty soda, pop, sports drink, water or other clear bottle. remove the label. You should now have a clear bottle with a lid.

3) cheap rice or perler need enough to fill your bottle

2) gather knick knacks I found the following items.
Lego chair
bead with a heart
snow man
tiny basket ball
safety pin
push pin
a magnet with the word "and"
a rock
a perler bead
a christmas light bead
a plastic letter "L"
a nail
a tiny frog
a light bright pin
part of a pull chain from a fan
a golf tee

I raided every junk drawer in the house to gather my items.

Step 2: Fill the Bottle

it's best to put some treasure in the rice, then more treasure and shake as you go. this helps spread it out.

leave a some air at the top of the bottle. this let's you shake it and roll it to find treasure. the less air the harder it is to move rice and treasure around.

I glued the lid on since kids will be kids and I don't want to pick rice out of the couch and carpet.

Step 3: Hand to Your Kids and Enjoy Their Play

sorry no picture of the kids. I was busy sweeping some spilled rice off the floor before my wife gets home.
*parent note if you have two kids and only make one bottle I am not responsible for their fighting. I am responsible for my two kids fighting over this but that is why the lid is glued on.

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    7 years ago

    Great idea!