Tropical Fruit Drink

Introduction: Tropical Fruit Drink

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do you ever get tierd of bland drinks like lemon-aid welkl i do so we are going to make our own chilled juice drink.

i made this because usualy when i drink lemon aid i get heartburn so i mix it with a little more water than usual and some fruit for extra benifits

Step 1: Cut Some of the Fruit

this includes many fruit like


so if you are alergic to any of these use



ok so first start cutting the strawberrys in half then down the middle, then again on the other side

then make sure you have the juice ready made. sorry i could not make the juice because my mom already made it :(

Step 2: Pour the Juice and Fruit

okay time to get a cup and pour in the lemon aid

then get the pre cut fruits and pour them in there

okay get you spoon then e them a nice stirr (would work great with a blender)

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    12 years ago on Introduction

     Looks good! I'll have to try it sometime.